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Leavins Frosted™ Oysters

A proprietary Leavins brand, our freshest oysters are Frosted™ by a special patented process that maintains the natural conditions, flavors and nutrients of the wild harvested oyster in a unique frozen state without harming the texture or appearance of raw meats. Enjoy Frosted™ Individually Quick Frozen Oysters shipped right to your door...FRESH!

Leavins oysters are harvested from designated coastal waters that are subject to continuous monitoring for stringent water quality standards in compliance with State and Federal guidelines that have been proven to assure safe products destined for raw consumption.

144 Oysters in 12 microwaveable trays per case.
Minimum order is 1 pallet - 48 Cases per pallet
Weight: 33 lbs gross Weight: per case
27 lbs net Weight: per case
Case size: 21.1875 x 12.875 x 8.00
1.34 Cubic feet per case
81 Cubic feet per pallet
UPC code: 25476 14401
Product code: FZHS144


Leavins "Frosted Oysters" undergo a rigorous multi-tier system of controls for product quality and safety.

1. Approved Harvest Waters
It all starts in the water - All oysters processed at Leavins Seafood are harvested from State controlled waters which are monitored for any potential contaminant. Live oysters are harvested only from areas about the Gulf of Mexico (Texas, Louisiana and Florida) which have been approved and opened for harvest.

2. Traceability
All oysters are identified (tagged) before leaving the harvest area with all pertinent information needed for traceability (harvest date, location and time, and the harvester's license number.) This information accompanies the product until delivery to our customers.

3. Temperature Control
After harvest, the oysters are handled to prevent any potential contamination and promptly delivered to the certified dealer where they are held in refrigeration below the required limit of 45°F. Under no circumstances can any product be allowed to exceed the temperature limit during transport or processing for more than two hours. Records are maintained for all refrigeration.

4. Product Grading
Only certain oysters can be selected for the 'Frosting' process. Each oyster must be screened for size, shape and sensory standards before entering the proprietary frosting procedures.

5. Validated Process
The frosting procedures have been formally validated in accordance with the most current Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC) Model Ordinance and FDA mandates for HACCP. The science-based validation was conducted by the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at the University of Florida and approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

6. Frozen Storage
All 'Frosted Oysters' are covered with a special protective glaze before packaging for frozen storage. Finished products are stored at 0°F for a proprietary holding time to assure product safety.

7. Certificate of Analysis
All 'Frosted Oysters' are subject to microbial analysis prior to release into the market. The Franklin County Oyster Industry Lab uses nationally recognized methods in routine analysis for any potential Vibrio-type bacteria before issuing a certificate of analysis which clears products for market. Analytical results are recorded such that they can be provided upon customer request.


Leavins Frosted Oysters
Frosted Oysters
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